8 Tips To Clean Your PVC Windows


The great thing about PVC windows is that they are easy to clean and care for. Besides, you don’t have to spend a good deal of money for their maintenance. However, it is recommended that you take care of these windows on a regular basis. For lasting enjoyment, correct handling is a must.

1) Remove lime and mortar

Don’t focus on the splashes of lime and mortar on the profile, fittings and glazing. The profile and glazing may have undergone damage, and the fittings could be jammed because of the remains.

2) Ventilate rooms on a daily basis day

When colder air enters the room, it reduces the relative humidity creating a much healthier environment. Ideally, you may want to ventilate your rooms a couple times each day because if the relative humidity goes over 60%, it can contribute to mould growth.

3) Caustic fluids are not recommended

You can use mild dishwashing liquid to clean the frame surface on a regular basis. Experts don’t recommend using paint thinner or scouring agent. There could be some stubborn dirt on the windows that can be cleaned with special cleaning agents. You can get them from a reliable window specialist.

4) Clean the exterior regularly

Make it a habit to clean the exterior of the windows on a regular basis. The sun-burnt particles of tar, pollen or ferrous may also need to be cleaned from the exterior of the windows. Once the dirt gets stubborn, it may become difficult to clean. So, don’t put off today’s work for tomorrow. Just set a few minutes aside and clean the windows today.

5) Lubricate the fittings

With the passage of time, the UPVC windows may require lubrication, which will allow the windows to move with ease. So, it is a good idea that you lubricate the fittings twice a year, especially if the windows don’t open as smoothly as they should.

6) Tighten the loose handles

Check all the windows and identify ones with loose handles. Yapo Temuco Ventanas Termopanel If you find it hard to spot the screws, you can lift the cap below the handle and turn the vertical position into a horizontal one.

7) Check the seals

Use a sealing agent to rub the seals in the window frame at least twice a year. You can go for silicon oil, deer tallow or talcum to keep them in working order. This will also make the seals soft. If you find some damaged seals during your inspection, replacing them will be the only option.

8) Clean the drainage openings

The frame profiles have drainage openings that will also need to be maintained. For good drainage, it is a great idea to take a look at the drainage openings and clean them in time. Make sure no opening is blocked.

So, these are some good tips that may help you clean your UPVC windows making them last longer. With regular cleaning, they will also look beautiful. Hopefully, you can take care of your windows with ease now.

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